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Full price:  $500.00

Reserve your Taser and Training.

 1-hour STUNGUN / TASER training session with Taser's newest technology. 

Two taser cartridges

We will cover LEGAL, moral and practical LESS-Lethal options. 

We will cover personal safety and awareness.

To ensure your Less Lethal training slot and Taser Device is reserved.

You will receive:

  • One TASER Pulse

  • Two Taser Cartridges

  • One Target

  • Awareness and Taser Training

  • By reserving a training slot and Taser you certify you are not in violation of any New Jersey prohibition of weapon possession. You certify you will not allow the Taser to be used for criminal intent.

  • Please include your full name; your address; your email address and your telephone number. 

  • Payment:$500.00

  • Venmo  @safetymanco

  • Cashapp $safetymanco

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