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Safetyman on FOX 29 Philly providing expert analysis

of an officer Involved shooting.

Firearms training certificate


I have trained over 1000 police officers ranging from recruits to in-service and SWAT trained professionals. I have attended courses provided by premier (TIER 1) federal and state law enforcement agencies specializing in Firearms and tactics. I will translate this knowledge and experience to ensure that you are safe, effective and legal as a defender. I will also do my best to ensure you not only pass, but exceed the expectations of the Handgun qualification course recommended by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. 



Please watch the concealed carry draw videos on my YouTube videos and ensure you can draw safely and effectively.


This class will provide the attendee part ONE ($250) and TWO ($250) of my TWO-Part training to demonstrate safety and familiarity with the handgun the applicant plans to carry concealed.

Part 1– NJ Attorney General’s USE OF FORCE (Deadly Force) Policy (ZOOM) every Monday night at 7 PM (1 hour and 30 minutes) 


Zooms will held every Monday at 7 PM. Follow me on Facebook for zoom links : Click here to register for part 1 ZOOM:

Part 2- Range demonstration of safe weapons handling and operation from a concealed holst5r. Applicant will complete one round of the N J Attorney General’s Handgun Qualification Course (CCARE)  (50 rounds 40 minimum (80%) passing score)

Please ensure you can shoot accurately and safely from an appropriate concealed carry holster from 15 yards and in.  

When you SCHEDULE this part, payment must be made. 

Click here to schedule PART 2:


**Fees are non-refundable if you fail to pass the course. 

**Fees are non-refundable if your application is denied by the investigating agency for any reason outside of my training.


Law Enforcement Training

This training will focus on the Qualification Course enhancement. 

Additionally, we will conduct modern tactical defensive firearm skill building. The training will stress verbal and physical skills designed to Deescalate the situation while ensuring the officer operates safely and legally.


Concealed carry draw 

Tech Target Virtual Training

Tech Target Virtual Tange

Tactical Tip to handle handgun malfunctions

NJ firearms ccare ccw law

concealed carry draw

Proper Grip

Shooting Training

Safetyman on NBC 10 discussing my training for firearm owners. We also talk about the recent surge in gun purchases  

Firearms Training

Professional Firearms Training

I am an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. 

I have 27 years of training and experience instructing civilians, rookie police officers and SWAT teams. I will ensure you are safe, legally sound and effective with your firearm of choice. I will work to train you so you are able to defend you life. 

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